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248th Marine Corps Birthday Ball
Saturday November 4th, 2023
This event is sold out. For other Birthday Balls in our area, please see our Birthday Ball info Tab

Guest of  Honor Charles "Lynn" Lowder Co-Founder/CEO Veteran Business Project

Enlisted Marine - Commissioned Officer Enlisted Marine - Commissioned OfficerUnited  States Marine Corps United States Marine Corps Apr 1967 - Feb 1983 · 15 yrs 11 mos​

Served initially as an enlisted Marine (Honorman, Platoon 3016, MCRD, San Diego, CA) and subsequently as a commissioned officer (Infantry-JAG Officer). Long-range recon team leader (1st Force Reconnaissance Co./special operations) in Vietnam. Commanding Officer of two Marine Rifle Companies (A/1/6 & G/2/9), and two years in command of a USMC Security Guard Company - Marine Barracks, United States Naval Station, Subic Bay, Philippines.USMC Training/Operational Background: USMC Recruit Training - Infantry Training Regiment - Reconnaissance School - Troop Handler (ITR) - Officer Candidates School - The Basic School - Special Forces Airborne School - Special Operations Training/Combat Service - Amphibious Warfare School - Ground Reconnaissance Tactics - Marine Infantry Combat Training - Infantry Weapons & Fire Support - Combat Leadership - Security Forces Duty (Deadly Force - Vehicle Search - Bomb Search - Safeguarding Sensitive Information - Interior Guard) - Close Quarters Battle - Individual Protective Measures - Rear Area Security - Rappelling Expertise (Training/Operational-Combat) - SPIE Rig Expertise (Training/Operational-Combat) - Techniques of Military Instruction - Rifle/Pistol ExpertPersonal Decorations: Silver Star Medal for valor, Bronze Star Medal for valor and Purple Heart Medal, all incident to special operations combat service in the Republic of South Vietnam.


Over 40 years ago, several Naperville Marines met in the home of the late Drew Mathews, Lt.Col. USMC (retired) to celebrate the United States Marine Corps Birthday.   From that small gathering the tradition of the ‘Marine Ball” here in Naperville has grown to 400-500 guests that gather every year to “Honor and Celebrate” our beloved United States Marine Corps on November 10th.   We Naperville Marines are proud and committed to carry on this tradition.

It is also that time of the year again when everyone around the world pays homage to all our United States Marines that have served and continue to serve our great country in harms’ way all over the World.   ALL Marines, on November 10th of every year, stop and honor this special day.

History of the Naperville

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Women Marine Association, Il-2 Blanche S. Osborne Chapter

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Joining us again this year

Weapons Company




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