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248th Marine Corps Birthday Ball
Saturday November 2nd, 2024
This event is sold out. For other Birthday Balls in our area, please see our Birthday Ball info Tab


Over 40 years ago, several Naperville Marines met in the home of the late Drew Mathews, Lt.Col. USMC (retired) to celebrate the United States Marine Corps Birthday.   From that small gathering the tradition of the ‘Marine Ball” here in Naperville has grown to 400-500 guests that gather every year to “Honor and Celebrate” our beloved United States Marine Corps on November 10th.   We Naperville Marines are proud and committed to carry on this tradition.

It is also that time of the year again when everyone around the world pays homage to all our United States Marines that have served and continue to serve our great country in harms’ way all over the World.   ALL Marines, on November 10th of every year, stop and honor this special day.

History of the Naperville


Women Marine Association, Il-2 Blanche S. Osborne Chapter




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